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Healthcare Staffing and Solutions in Your Hands

The platform that allows you to be in control of when and where you work, and your earning potential—all without an agency go-between.

Traditionally, staffing agencies served as the intermediary connecting healthcare providers and organizations. MedCurate replaces traditional staffing agencies by leveraging technology to save money and maximize the “Gig” Economy by connecting Healthcare Providers (like nurses) and Healthcare Organizations (like hospitals) directly.

Curate your career with the app that matches your needs with healthcare organizations

Create your
own schedule

Select only the
shifts you want

Earn more

We match provider demand with staffing needs—all without an agency go-between.

For hospitals and healthcare organizations (HCOs), MedCurate is working to overcome a looming healthcare crisis—a shortage of nurses, nurses retiring or switching to contract labor—which is straining HCO budgets and limiting services provided.

1.1 Million

Nurse shortage in the U.S.


of current nurses
consider leaving


of hours worked are due
to the “Gig” Economy


of hospitals are

Committed to curing the healthcare staffing crisis

MedCurate was created for and founded by healthcare providers who have seen the challenges facing the frontlines and healthcare organizations. After decades of approaching healthcare staffing the same way, MedCurate knew it was time for a change and created a technology solution that partners with both healthcare providers and healthcare organizations to put healthcare staffing and solutions in the hands of those providing care.