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Benefits for Healthcare Organizations

A digital marketplace matching nurses + hospitals for half the cost*

Data-driven technology matches supply with demand
Decreases overhead costs while increasing pay for providers
Improves provider engagement with healthcare organizations

Putting healthcare staffing and solutions in YOUR hands

MedCurate is a simple-to-use platform that connects healthcare providers and healthcare organizations (HCOs) directly. Traditionally, staffing agencies have served as an intermediary connecting these two sides—charging a premium to do so. MedCurate replaces traditional staffing agencies by leveraging technology to save HCOs money and maximize contract labor.

Set your own rates for providers

Our open marketplace allows healthcare organizations to set their own budget and rates for shifts—versus the alternative, where agencies set the rates and directs the healthcare provider where they will be working. Only providers who are competent and credentialed will see the opportunity and be able to select those shifts. MedCurate’s “transfarent” service fee is only 25%, compared with the 50–200% an agency would charge.

Sophisticated Administrative Tools

For healthcare organizations, MedCurate provides many back office functions to help streamline and manage your supplemental staffing costs. Manage provider credentials to ensure compliance, update job descriptions and provide important information to providers, and create custom reports.

Create better engagement with providers

Nurses receive higher compensation based on MedCurate’s lower administrative costs, so both providers and healthcare organizations win. And because MedCurate pays healthcare providers within three (3) days of shift completion, your opportunities are more attractive than traditional agencies.


Service Fee for traditional Staffing Agencies

$4.6 Million

Average Annual Amount
Spent on contract labor/hospital

All of the control you need to curate your schedule is available in the app’s custom tailored dashboard.

Easily add shifts for healthcare providers to select from, and generate reports on specific providers or shifts.

It’s time to change for the good of healthcare.

Watch our video to learn more about how MedCurate can help your organization manage scheduling and costs.

If you are interested in learning more and collaborating with a trusted partner,
we would love to connect and curate a solution for you. #shifthappens